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Is your website sticky ie: does it make people stay a while and look around?

Does the navigation make sense to the end user?

Not sure your website is saying what you want it to say or attracting the people you want to attract?

Unsure about whether or not your social media content is hitting the right note for your audience?

I can help you answer ALL of those questions and more when I conduct an audit of your website and one social media platform.

Here are two examples of an audit.

Melissa’s audit showed up some pretty big no-no’s on her website and some small tweaks to be made to her Facebook Page.

Check out her audit HERE.

Lucy is an MLM and only had her MLM website but wasn’t making full use of her Social Platforms.

You can check out her audit HERE.

Want your own audit?

Not sure your funnel makes sense?

Is it working properly?

Have I set my funnel up in the most compelling way for my user?

Could it be better?

Is the sequencing right?

Have I nailed the opt-in page?

Are my emails on point?

ALL of these questions and more will be answered when I conduct a full funnel review.

I’ll put myself through your funnel and give you suggestions for making it better.

One thing I know for sure is that we’re all too close to our own stuff and what can make total sense to us makes zero sense to our market.

Another place people struggle is in maintaining consistency throughout the funnel so I’ll be checking for brand and message consistency across all elements of your work.

Offer timing (when to ask for the sale) is also an important factor and the best person to let you know if it’s too soon or too late is someone with an unbiased opinion and zero agenda other than to give you good, solid information you can use to improve your ability to convert the people you’ve worked so hard to get into your funnel.

Want some feedback on your funnel?

Sometimes getting clarity around our idea is the hardest part.

Is this idea sound?

Where do I even begin?

What should I do first?

Maybe you have a great idea but you’re stuck in fear and overwhelm and just need help moving through that so you can get on with the business of making shit happen!

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed for too long is not good for you and not good for your business and sometimes you just need a coach to help you get back on track, feeling clear and focused on a plan of action that makes sense.

One single coaching conversation can change EVERYTHING.

I’m offering 1/2 price coaching sessions to you guys because I want you to use them rather than stay stuck and waste more time floundering when you could be putting your time to better use creating something amazing and making money.

There are no limitations to how many sessions you can purchase, if you need them they’re there to be used so you can keep forging ahead.

PLEASE don’t feel bad about reaching out for help, honestly, this is one of the main reasons people fail, they struggle away in silence and too often dig a hole for themselves that it’s hard to get out of.

It’s SMART to seek help at the first sign of a problem (like overwhelm, lack of clarity or lack of progress), nip it in the bud and get back to being awesome and making things happen.

Plus, I LOVE these single sessions because for such a short session the impact is huge (see below for comments from a couple of recent sessions).

Want some help?

Michelle has changed the direction of my life!  

For years, I have been carrying this big idea inside of me with absolutely no idea how to make it happen. I was stuck, unable to see a way out of my 9 to 5 existence.

The hour I spent with Michelle was one of the most productive and inspiring of my life. By the end of the session, I had gained clarity around what I needed to do to realise my vision and had developed a plan to get there within the next 12 months.

Michelle has a real gift for cutting through all the reasons you put in your own way with regards to why you can’t do something and making you see that it really is possible. Life is exciting again!

Lauren Beckett – Coach –

Wow, I just got off a call with Michelle and I am like a completely different person. 

I started the call feeling overwhelmed, confused and stuck.

With just one session I gained a clear understanding of what was really going on in my business, what I had to do to solve it, and the steps to take.

Now I’m so darn excited to get started.

Thank you Michelle for sharing your wisdom!

And always in such a caring way.

Very much appreciated.

Tegan Marshall – Coach –